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What wedding dress colour is perfect for you…

The secret to looking your best on your wedding day is to choose a colour that complements your natural skin tone.

When deciding whether to go for ivory or white keep the following in mind:

White wedding dresses in general can be a tough colour to pull off. If your skin tone does not compliment the white dress, you can easily look washed out and some of the beautiful detail may get lost in the photographs.

White is a marvellous colour for dark-skinned ladies or women who are light-skinned with yellow undertones. They should avoid wearing dresses with yellow undertones like ivory dresses since earthy colours will make their skin tone appear dull. Terry Hall, fashion director at Kleinfeld Bridal, recommends white, only for brides with natural golden or darker skin tones.

Ivory can also be a good option if you would like to achieve a traditional look but still look flawless in a colour that matches your skin tone. At a glance, ivory can easily appear white on its own. You will only notice the difference when comparing ivory against a pure white fabric.

Another reason to love ivory is that the hue flatters everyone. According to Hall, “Ivory is a bit easier to wear for most skin tones and offers a richness and warmness that white cannot.”         If you have fair skin, the best colours for you are shades that have ivory-yellow undertones.

If white and ivory is your desired wedding dress colour, your luck is in! These days’ top fashion designers have concentrated on adding more inimitable colours to their wedding dress collection.Rum pink is a trendy colour for the modern day bride. It has pink undertones but when photographed it can give the impression of a clear white dress. The other popular option is champagne. It is a delicate colour with a yellow undertone that is comparable to deep ivory.At the end of the day, it’s your wedding anyway, so make sure to select a wedding dress colour that suits your personality and makes you look your most lovely self!


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