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5 Easy Steps to Planning a Wedding that is True to Yourself

Let’s be honest, planning a wedding can be overwhelming. The trick is to pick a concept and sticking to it so that your wedding feels unified and looks like you. In other words, first things first, look at the big picture and determine the style and vibe you want to set on your wedding day.

As soon as you have all of that in order, you can continue with everything else, like sampling some delicious cake, and booking your favourite Jazz Band for this marvellous occasion

Step 1: Think outside the Box, & make it Big

  • Will it be an indoor or outdoor wedding?
  • What will the size of your wedding be? Big, with everyone you know? Or intimate, with just some of your closest friends and family?
  • Think about your wedding theme – vintage, modern, rustic, classic, or glamorous?
  • Think about the destination. Will it be held in your hometown, or away from home?
  • What do you want the overall feel of your wedding to be? Formal, casual, or somewhere in between those two options?
  • Lastly, picture the season – Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall?

Step 2: The Inspiration Stage

This is where the fun starts. Take some time to get a better idea of what you like and dislike, collect A LOT of bridal magazines, read wedding blogs, and take a look at some wedding photos.

Combine all of these images and create a mood-board for yourself, representing your Perfect Day.

By doing this, it will help you identify common threads and visualize how various elements will look together.

Step 3: Casual or Fancy?

It is time to figure out the formality of your big day, in other words, how formal or casual you want the setting of the day to be.

Are you thinking black-tie, or are you considering some laid-back vibes? When you are considering this option it is important to also take into consideration your own personal style, as well as the atmosphere that speaks to both you and your groom.

Step 4: Your Style

The more you think about what you want on your wedding day, the easier it will be to explain your vision to all the people helping you make this day a reality.

To help shape the theme of your wedding, think of things that you and your fiancé have in common.

The only rule in all of this is to remember to stay true to who you are as a person. This day is all about you. Don’t load up on too many ideas, and don’t try to do something completely out of the ordinary just to be different, stick with what feels right.

Step 5: The Colour-Scheme

Colour is the unifying factor among all your wedding elements. The best way to create a harmonious feel is to stick to one dominant colour, and use accent colours along with it, or if you are feeling bold, you can go with complimentary colours.

While going through all of these steps, focus on your own personal style. It is important to be true to yourself. Don’t just to follow trends because they are popular at the moment. Your wedding day is ultimately a celebration of the love you share with your partner, enjoy it, and focus on all the memories being made on your special day.

Happy Planning Lovelies!

Written by Lizanne van der Hoven


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